Earn Free Money Online

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These are real ways you can earn money online or getting free items with little effort. Please join these sites by clicking on the provided links. I will keep adding to this list as I find them.

This first site is called InboxDollars. It is actually easy to earn cash quickly on this site. In two days I had earned $8 with little effort. To get a cash payment you need to earn $30 and can be put on a check or prepaid visa. You can also redeem them for e-gift cards. You can earn cash quickly by installing apps and doing surveys.

This next site is called SwagBucks. This one I do for fun. When I do dishes I run the app on my phone to show videos on it. They play each video, one after the other, earning me points as I do nothing. They also list codes on their social media sites to earn more points. I also do surveys while watching TV to keep earning more.



Online Shopping

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Saving money has been a big thing lately. I also like to try to get things as cheap as possible. Below is a list of places to shop online for next to nothing! Even better is no shipping if you follow my directions and shop through the links provided. As I find more sites, I will upload them to this list.

This first site is called thredUP. Save $10 off $10 on your first order. They offer children’s boys and girls, teen girls, ladies, and women’s plus sizes clothing. Get free shipping if you do not spend more than the free money offered. This is name brand clothing! I got several shirts from here for nothing.

This site is to earn money back for your shopping you would have done online anyways. Ebates is easy and they even have men’s and women’s plus size clothing stores. I use this every time I shop online and have earned several gift cards in return. Bonus is that they also list online coupons for many stores to get a discount.

Do you like to read? I love to read and thanks to Amazon Kindle App, I can read hundreds of books for free. I downloaded it to my phone and use it like an e-reader or tablet. What is great is that you do not have use the internet if the book is already loaded to your device. I load several books at once while using free WiFi and then read them at my leisure.

Saving Money on Food

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Trying to make ends meet on a shoestring budget is hard. It is even harder when you are allergic to an ingredient found in many food items. Most food is so overly processed that the ingredient list scares me or I have to cook it from scratch. I started couponing to make every dollar count and then I turned to my phone. My husband got me a Samsung Galaxy S4 for my birthday a year ago and while checking out the free apps, I found some great ones for shopping. You can even do multiple off these apps for the same shopping trip to get even more money back!

First app I am going to talk about is called Ibotta. You do your shopping and they list items you can get a rebate for. They even have store brand items! Even better is the team feature. You can team up with your friends and family on Facebook to earn even more money back. They also do other stores as well, such as Best Buy. If you have not already tried this app then please use referral code yqayyb to get $1 added to your account to start.


My next favorite app is called Checkout51. This app always has an offer for fresh produce and name brand items. There is no referral code to join this one.

Savingstar is my next app. This one is mostly for the name brand items and they have similar offers to those offered in the newspaper coupons. They also offer savings for online shopping. There is no referral code for this one either.

This next app I think is just amazing. It is called Receipt Hog and they will process any grocery receipt to earn coins. Earn so many coins and get cash back. That means even if you buy stuff that was not shown in any of the other apps, you can still earn money back. The referral code is in the link for this one.

This next app let you earn money buy walking into the store. You heard me correctly! With Shopkick you can earn money just walking into the stores to do your shopping.  And if you get bored one day, you can check out the photo albums different stores post for hidden points. Some stores do not have the walk in option, instead you have to scan certain items in the store. When I used to work at Best Buy I would get free points for just going to work every day. The only downside is this app does not give cash, only gift cards.