Random Thoughts

I am so tired that my thoughts just jump from one thing to the next. I want to write them out before they become lost in the whirlwind. I had a dream last night that I was back in high school and that cold winter day I over slept. My brother and sister were with me in a McDonald’s parking lot somewhere in Dublin. <Just note none of this never happened!> My sister was still an infant riding in her car seat in the back of my mom’s old tank of a car. I was discussing with my brother about the merits of just skipping school that day (I hate being out in the cold.. More reason to head home) At that moment the weather service on the radio said Dublin was under a weather emergency and then my sister started screaming. As I duck into the car to soothe her I notice the sky was beautiful. The Northern lights covered the whole sky. My sister told me she saw an explosion and pointed to where it was, only I realized it was not an explosion she was seeing but a funnel being formed. I yelled at my brother to start driving due to the closeness of the tornado only to almost run into another one backing up. These were not ordinary tornadoes… these ones froze things in their path. I am clutching my sister to my chest in the passenger seat as it grazes the car and I wake up. I woke up freezing and scared. I must have tossed and turned so much that the blankets came off of me. At that moment I was thankful to be in a warm building with no freezing tornadoes in sight.

Dreams can be the craziest things sometimes. Other times you relive moments in your life. I realized that my dreams have become so impacted by what I see on TV, that I need to adjust what I watch in those moments I am tired. Then I think of those dream that are just my fears shown to me, and I am thankful every moment those are just dreams. Dreams of losing loved ones, becoming injured or lost, and heartache. I challenged anyone who reads this to take a dream that scares you awake and find one thing that amazes you like I did with the Northern Lights. Maybe then our dreams will seem less dark to us the more we find the good in them.


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