Moving Forward

I thought I was done writing. I am getting better and I have had less panic attacks. I was feeling less anxiety but then the depression started creeping in because part of my family would not let this go. They wanted me to remove this and let it hide in the darkness forever. In my heart is was just like when our roommate attacked me last year. Only this time my own mother is attacking me. She un-invites me to a family Christmas event and then lies to my baby siblings. Out of this, I have realized the more important things. Like my dad can talk about the funniest things when the dogs get going. My step mom is kinda cool and her Irish accent is amazing. My husband knows the right things to say. My husband’s family has not been able to be physically involved in our lives but have been there when we needed them. But with this post I am going to sign off with my real name. No more hiding.

I have also been working like crazy on the cooking blog! There are so many recipes that I want to try out and so many new items to test. I have let this blog fall a bit behind because I had no inspiration for more boards, but that is going to change! I will try to put one together at least once a month. I think I will focus on a local one first, so look forward to next month’s OSU theme! I miss doing these because they can be so much fun! If you have an idea that I would put into action feel free to comment it below.

And a thank you to all my readers and people just going in from Pintrest! You guys are the reason I keep this site going! I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving!

Christina Marie Tedder (Christina Perry)


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