Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Wedding

pirates of the caribbean disney elizabeth swann wedding

This style board was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean. I just loved all the movies and I think this would be a great wedding. For other bridal needs, go to Candimere’s Mind Store. Enjoy!

  • Elizabeth Wedding Costume: This costume matches the one in the above photo. I think it would be amazing to use this as your wedding gown.
  • Elizabeth Pirate Costume: This costume is another one from the movie. I personally would prefer the first outfit. This set includes a shirt, vest, pants, across-the-chest belt with buckle, pair of boot covers and hat.
  • English Flower Bouquet: Lavish bouquet bursting with gorgeous silk botanical flowers including blush ivory hydrangea, snowball, cabbage rose, miniature spray rose, salvia, anenome, and gerbera daisy. Comes with a white sheer ribbon to wrap the stems.
  • Gold Aztec Medallion: This metal medallion is gold colored and is heavy enough to feel like a real gold coin. This would make an amazing wedding favor.
  • Message In A Bottle Invitation: Features a timeless anchor graphic and a beige colored securing ribbon. This item contains a mixture of sand and seashells, a hand-scrolled and tied invitation with drawstring, and is designed with an anchor on the invitation & mailing label. Our 8-inch, non-breakable plastic invitation bottles are USPS-approved to be addressed & sent through the mail without a box! Our proprietary invitation bottles are smooth and crystal clear, and have no unsightly screw-top threads that other companies have to hide with ribbon or cord. All of our invitations are tamper-evident sealed with high-quality corks.
  • This Elizabeth Swann figure and this Will Turner figure would look amazing on your pirate wedding cake. I recommend a cake in the shape of the Black Pearl.




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