Hello Kitty Wedding

No, you are not imagining things. This is a real Hello Kitty Wedding theme. In Asia, this theme is all the rage among the couples. This theme rates as one of the tackiest themes out there, but many brides secretly want part or their entire wedding in this theme much to the dismay of their fiancés. Take a look at the items, if you dare. Many of these items are no longer made or for sale. For other bridal needs, go to Candimere’s Mind Store.

  • Nao by Lladro Porcelain Figurine Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Wedding: Hello Kitty is the lovely bride in her embossed floral wedding dress with a rose bouquet and sweet pink ribbon headdress. The dapper groom is Dear Daniel all decked out in classic blue tail tuxedo complete with matching bow tie. Measures 4.5″ x 4″. Many use it for the cake topper.
  • Hello Kitty His & Her Wedding Bands: Yes, you read it correctly. The poor groom will get a Hello Kitty on his ring as well, only his is hidden on the inside of the ring. I know the site is in Japanese and they do not sell to Americans. If you want to get your hands on this ring, you will have to get someone else to purchase it for you.
  • Hello Kitty Wedding Bouquet: Take some silk roses, ribbons, lace, strings of pearls, and a small stuffed Hello Kitty and you got yourself a DIY bouquet.
  • Hello Kitty Wedding Cake: This is a real wedding cake that someone actually made for a wedding… Anyways, it is a 3 tier pink velvet wedding cake with fondant. OMG! Pink Velvet… That poor baker… Any type of velvet cake takes a ton of food coloring and usually stains something in the area.
  • Pink Hello Kitty Wedding Dress: If you are going to go a tacky Hello Kitty Wedding, why not go all out with a pink dress featuring the beloved kitty. This dress when it came out was about $4000.00 and was sold in Japan only.

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